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Affirmative Action by Socio-Economic Standards?

As we approach the 21st century, one of the political issues that refuses to die is affirmative action. Almost everyone has a say in this topic, but few have something substantial to say. Here are two of the most outspoken critics on affirmative action. Both of these men believe that change is necessary; that we can no longer solely look at race and gender as determinants for job hiring and school admission. Their methods of improving affirmative action, however, are in stark contrast of each other, and therein lies the beauty of this debate. One believes that we must adjust our system to accommodate those who are in low social or economic classes, that these factors are far more important than race. The other believes that we must work to eradicate affirmative action from our laws to create a more just society. The former, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, arguing for socio-economic affirmative action. The latter, University of California regent Ward Connerly, arguing against using any more means for affirmative action. Please continue to read both menís opinions on this compelling subject.

|Pro-Jesse Jackson| |Con-Ward Connerly|