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Established July 9, 1998

Mission Statement

The goal of this web site is to prove that MTV has lost site of its original goal of providing music for all music fans to watch, listen to and enjoy. It is imperative that people realize now that MTV is more concerned with other matters than supplying you with quality musical entertainment, regardless of your musical preference. This site supports a radical overhaul of the programming of MTV. If this is not attainable, then a complete overthrow of the station will be the only possible way to return music television to its roots.

Sections of this Page

My Letter to MTVThis originally gave me the inspiration to start this site.
Testamonies from other like minded peopleLet your voice be heard!
Boycott MTV's Web SiteFind out more about the avarice of MTV.
ChatA chat room that supports the anti-MTV movement.
More to come soon, including a proposal to the solution.

Charles Wilson

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