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Past Debate Issues

  • May/June:Should the MLS stick with the current shootout?
  • July:Who are the top 6 players in MLSM?
  • August:Who are the most overrated players in MLSM?

    Should the MLS stick with the current shootout?

      I Think the shootout is bogus.  The golden goal is the way to go for the
    MLS, but with their lack of attacking skills, the game could take a very
    long time.
     What do you think of granting a bit of freedom with the offsides rule 
    during an overtime period?  That should open up the offense...creating 
    space at midfield and putting a premium on thru balls.
    A Soccer fan.

    Who are the top 6 players in MLSM?

    My top 3 Americans in MLS would be
      1. Tony Meola----He won Goalkeeper of the Year 9 straight years for
    me.  I think Sampson should use him as a backup more often still.
      2.  Alexi Lalas---Solid defender, can score too.  Still pretty young.
      3.  Roy Lassiter--Great goalscorer.  Best American striker in my
    My top 3 International players would be
      1.  Jari Litmanen--Many, many assists, scores goals, and play
    defense.  Won MVP 4 years running for me.
      2.  Patrick Kluivert--Scored 46 goals in one season with 95 pts. for
    me.  And so young.
      3.  Roy Keane-- Very underated.  I play a 3-4-3 system with him at
    the 4 spot.  Great defensive midfield.
    #10 Lon Wallace
    MLS players always go after young players to start a dynasty.
    #1- Brian McBride (best american forward in a few years, can retire
    with the most points and goals on career list.)
    #2- Brad Friedel ( young 25, best goalie in MLS period)
    #3- Eddie Pope ( 23, best young defender, improves quickly)
    * few close others Moreno ( best foward to have, but not american)
                       Ralston ( best young Mid)
    All these players are usually on the All-MLS team for most of their
    International Players
    #1- Ronaldo (best forward period)
    #2- Roberto Carlos ( best defender to get, young and will be the best
    defender in the games in a few years)
    #3- Ryan Giggs (best offensive mid in the game, and young)
    * few close others Raul ( 19 years old.  had 80 goals one season when
    teamed up with Ronaldo)
          Claudio Reyna ( best american Mid, had 42 assits in a season)
          Kasey Keller (best american GK, get him if don't have Friedel)
          Ivan De La Pena (great young mid, improves quickly)
    My philosophy is to have a young team, get players that will play at
    least 15 years for your team.  I always focus on offensive game.
    #9 Marc Peverini
    Brad Friedel
    Eddie Pope
    Jorge Salcedo  (I'd put Mike Mason instead of him but I don't think he
    counts. And believe me, Jorge is wicked by the time he's 36 or so!)
    Cristian Panucci
    Georgiou Kinkladze
    #8 Brian Szorcsik
    My 3 internationals:
    -----Ronaldo F, no need to explain.
    -----Patrick Kluivert F, The man is a god, he scored 41 goals and got
    91 points for me in one season.
    -----Mark Fish D,  Defender of the year 3 years straight.
    My 3 Americans:
    ------Brad Friedel G,  He even kept Italy scoreless in the US Cup.
    ------Tab Ramos M, All-MLS 4 years in a row and he waits a while to 
    ------Brian McBride F, Only had him on my team for one year but he 
    has always given me problems when I play against him.
    #7 JL Murtaugh
    These are always the first 3 MLS Players I go for:
    -Brian McBride. Excellent young player and hometown boy. (I'm from
    -Eddie Pope. The next great American Defender. Should have a higher
    rating, about 145.
    -Brian Maisonneuve. Another excellent young player. Always seems to come
    through in the clutch for me.
    As for the internationals:
    -Raul. The best center forward in the game now. And only 19! Take
    Ronaldo, I don't want him. He's a brat, and his salary's much too high.
    -Fernando Hierro. The best defender in the game now. Also underrated.
    Ought to be about a 110-170.
    -Kasey Keller. He's an American. So sue me! He is the best GK in the
    Western Hemisphere. Also underrated. At least a 500.
    Running a close (very close) 4th is Jovan. I would toss all my MLS
    players in a trade for him. He completes the team.
    Please dispute my opinions. I love to hear from those who have no idea
    of what they speak.
      Viva Real, los campeones,
                              JL Murtaugh
    My Three Americans would be
    Eddie Pope-young superstar
    Steve Ralston- grows to become one of the best players in the game
    Mike Sorber- great defensive midfielder and is fairly young
    3 Internationals
    Raul - he is 19 when the game starts and will score thirty goals a 
    game for you
    Ronaldo- young and best player in the world/game
    Ryan Giggs- great young midfielder
    With Raul and Ronaldo on your team from the start you would be 
    guaranteed at least 20 championships barring they leave the team. You
    could buy a USISL team around them and still win.
    3 international
    Ronaldo - duh
    Alessandro Del Pierro
    George Weah
    3 MLS
    Eric Wynalda
    Alexi Lalas
    Brad Friedel
    #4 Alex Fowler
    My 3 MLS players would be:
    -Eric Wynalda
    -Eddie Pope
    -John Harkes
    And my 3 internationals are:
    -Edwin VanDerSaar
    -Ryan Giggs
    #3 Graeme Reid
      The three American players I would choose are(in no particular order):
    -Alexi Lalas: This guy scored 17 goals and got 15 assists for me once
    when he was 39!!! He gets to be over 260 if you play him enough.
    -Brian McBride: He isn't exceptional in the beginning but after a while
    he becomes like an International FA. He is a good young player.
    -Brad Friedel: I feel it's important to have a good American keeper and
    Friedel always seems to play until he is 41 and he doesn't stop going up
    in skill.
    The three Internationals I would choose are easy:
    -Ronaldo: Come on this isn't funny, of course i'm gonna get him.
    Especially since he is now a 260! I played very quickly with Washington,
    and I signed him in the 6th year, by the time he was 34-35 he was
    somewhere around 350. And he had like a 1.69 gpg average. I love him.
    -Zinedane Zidane: I signed him in the third year of the game above and
    he gets to be about 330 ( I think ). He is young and incredible.
    -Patrick Kluivert: Patrick goes up every year better than almost anyone
    in the game ( except Jordi Cruyff and the Neville brothers ) and he is
    only 20 to begin with. He is a must have.
    #2  Michael Burger
      The three Americans that I choose would be Brad Friedel, Eric Wynalda
    and Alexi Lalas; this gives you a solid, young, start.  The three
    internationals that I would choose are Zinedine Zidane - one of the best
    players to be added recently, Ronaldo - You have to be nuts to not pick
    him and Robby Fowler - for some reason this guy always holds my records
    he had 63 goals for me once!
    #1  Dalanee Claxton
    The three mls players I would start out with are Steve Ralston, Brian McBride, and Eddie Pope, with Brad Friedel coming close. Ralston, McBride, and Pope are all young and improve immensely throughout their careers. The three internationals would be Yuri Nikiforov, Ryan Giggs, Ronaldo. Nikiforov is the best defenseman and makes your goalies look good. The other two are explosive on the offensive end. I've had Ronaldo finish a season with 61 goals and 135 points. And Giggs with 42 assists. Ronaldo finished a career with over 1,000 goals and 2,000 points. All players can be all-MLS every year and finish high on career lists.

    Who are the most overrated players in MLSM?

    #6 Bill Barnwell
    My Debate Page answer:
    Richard Gough.
    #5 Dylan Burger
    The most overrated players in the game are
    Tony Meola- Many other goalies such as Mark Dodd and Mike Hahnemann are
    much better.
    Misseal Espinoza- His price is just too much compared to his rating
    and Edwin VanDerSaar- They expect me to pay more for Him than Kasey
    Keller when he isn't even as good and counts as a foreigner.  No chance
    #4 Graeme Reid
    1) Roberto Baggio: For being the the only 300 striker in the game his
    goal scoring track record is worse than someone half of his overall
    skill. I bought him when Wolde Harris was on the striking line and when
    Baggio retired, he had less points per game than Wolde Harris.
    2) Joe-Max Moore: Why on earth does he have a 575 salary, is he anywhere
    as good as Ernie Stewart? No. This guy stinks, he hardly even goes up in
    skill if you play him all year. My good midfielders outscore him. Why
    not just get McBride.
    3) Vitor Baia: He is a decent keeper but not anywhere near a 560. Toldo
    is twice the keeper of Baia and he is twenty points worse.
    4) Roberto Donadoni: This is a difficult one for me to put up because I
    like having him to begin with but Tab Ramos and Marco Etcheverry are
    much better players to have. Sure sometimes Donadoni will peform
    incredibly sometimes, but lets face it, he is a 260 in the MLS. He
    should tear up the league.
    That is all. Except that all defensive midfielders are over-rated, they
    don't score at all, ( mainly when focusing on offense like everyone
    should) especially Christian Ziege, Demitrio Albertini, Phillipe Albert
    and Dunga (who should be rated better).
    #3 Bobby Urpsis
    I think the most over rated players I think are~
    Joe Max-Moore~His Career stats show up decent but not great. I think he
    is very over rated!
    Alexis Lalas~He is young so he is a decent guy to have he won't win a
    defender of the year award!
    Carlos Valdaramma~Don't trade for him. He is too old. He retires too
    Roberto Baggio, Enzo Scifo, Jeff Agoos, and Gianluca Pagliuca
    #1 Larry Grant
    Eric Wynalda- he is a great player overall but he just does not get the
    job done in MLSM whenever I have him on my team. The player I bring up
    from the USISL to start ends up scoring more goals than Eric. He averages
    like 5-8 goals a season for me.
    Paul Caliguri- basically he is too old and costs too much for someone of
    his ablitiy. He is the American Nicola Caricola
    Alexi Lalas- one of my fav. players on the Revs but truthfully he sucks
    in real life and in the game


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