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Player Averages

  Here are the average total points for each player in MLSM.  They are
listed in position order, with the starters first.  This will be of
assistance when you can't identify anybody in the game.  The list will
help you make sure that you aren't settling for a low caliber player.
The salaries are listed alongside the points to give you an idea of how
much to pay for a player.  In this game, though, you get what you pay
for; Ronaldo is the most expensive player in the game, but also the 
best and worth every dollar.  This list is great for unsigned free agents.
Don't overpay, especially when money is tight in the early years.
  (*Note:  These averages are from the 6/28/97 update of version 1.54
I will not update this page everytime an update comes out unless there
are drastic roster changes.  Most likely this list will be updated again
after the season, where there will not be any roster moves for some time.

Position Points Salary(K) -------- ------ --------- 1-G 412 343 Bench-G 293 188 Average Goalie-352pts/266K 3-D 192 408 2-D 163 278 5-D 157 243 Average Defenseman-157pts/265K Bench-D 144 213 Bench-D 132 183 10-M 199 448 8-M 173 350 6-M 162 278 Average Midfielder-156pts/279K 4-M 145 230 Bench-M 133 190 Bench-M 125 178 9-F 186 423 11-F 161 283 7-F 151 243 Average Forward-151pts/264K Bench-F 136 195 Bench-F 121 175


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