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MLSM Best Buy List

International Great Value Players
World Class Internationals
Dynasty MLS Players

Great Value Players

  Here are some players that may not be the best, but are a good deal.
To do this I just took the players price divided by their total 
amount of points.  The following players are the lowest in the game
(v 1.54)International:
  Phillipe Albert- 750K- 28 years- 3.13 dollars per point
  Demitrio Albertini- 800K- 25 - 3.08
  Faustino Asprilla- 700K- 27- 3.18
  Eyal Berkovitch- 700K- 25- 3.04  
  Stig Bjornebye- 700K- 27- 3.18  
  Alen Boksic- 750K- 27- 3.13
  Thomas Brolin- 725K- 27- 3.15
  Perlugi Casiraghi- 750K- 28- 3.00
  Martin Dahlin- 775K- 28- 3.1
  Youri Djorkaeff- 750- 29- 3.13
  Luis Garcia- 650K- 28- 3.10
  Roy Keane- 750K- 25- 3.13
  Kasey Keller- 700K- 27- 1.44(*All GK's are cheap, but Keller is great*)
  Brian Laudrup- 775K- 28- 2.98
  Cristian Panucci- 800K- 24- 3.20
  Dan Petrescu- 750K- 29- 3.13
  Joao Pinto- 725K- 25- 3.15
  Gheorghe Popescu- 775K- 29- 3.1
  Ramon Ramirez- 650K- 27- 3.1
  Claudio Suarez- 650K- 28- 3.1
  Omar Tetradze- 750K- 27- 3.13

World Class MLSM Players

  These are the players that can turn your team around and help you
be competitive for the Cup for many years.  These players will be 
more expensive, both regularly and dollars per point.  The great thing
about these players, though, is that they have at least 10 playing
years left in them.  In addition, these players will improve as the
years progress.  Many of these players I use while I play, and it helps
immensely.  The price value of these players will change according to the
location of the team.  For example, Europeans are cheapest in New York 
where Latin Americans will be cheapest in L.A.  Here they are in no 
particular order:
  Ronaldo- 1250K- 20- 4.81 (*By far THE best player in the game*)
  Jovan Kirovski- 725K- 21- 3.45
  Patrick Kluivert- 950K- 20- 4.32
  Claudio Reyna- 725K- 23- 3.63
  Raul- 800K- 19- 3.81
  Yuri Nikiforov- 900K- 26- 3.33
  Mark Fish- 800K- 22- 3.81
  Robbie Fowler- 825K- 22- 3.93
  Javier Zanetti- 850K- 24- 3.80
  Ryan Giggs- 1125K- 23- 4.33
  Patrick Berger- 1100K- 23- 4.23 
  Dino Baggio- 1150K- 25- 4.11
  Cristian Panucci- 850K- 24- 3.4
  Roberto Carlos- 950K- 24- 3.65
  Zinedine Zidane- 1100K- 24- 3.93
  You may have noticed a significant lack of keepers from these lists.
I believe you do not need an outstanding keeper to win.  The U.S. 
goalies aren't that bad, so don't waste an international spot on a GK.

MLS Dynasty Players

  I thought it would be appropriate to add the best MLS players to the
best buy list as well.  The best guys to get in MLSM are what I like to
call "dynasty" players.  These are guys that will help your team destroy
the league for at least ten years, thus helping you build a dynasty.(Like
how that all ties together?)  The characteristics of a dynasty players
are this:  Under 24 years old; for field players, at least 150 points
combined, for keepers, at least 400 points; and preferably an American.
An international with these characteristics will also help you build a
dynasty, but you would expect an international player to have a higher
point total(usually 200 points).  Use these characteristics later in the
game (when you can't identify anyone by name) as a benchmark for players
you may trade for or draft.  
  Here are the current dynasty players in the game(for more info on the
players, go to their team page), in ranked order.  There is no single
factor that determines how they are ranked, it's just my personal 
inclination.  Note that the internationals are ranked different from the
Americans.  If you have the space, feel free to take these internationals.
But in the begining of the game, there are far better internationals
outside of the MLS.
  1.Brian McBride-Columbus Crew
  2.Jaime Moreno-D.C. United
  3.Eddie Pope-D.C. United
  4.Steve Ralston-Tampa Bay Mutiny
  5.Miles Joseph-NY/NJ MetroStars
  6.Frankie Hedjuk-Tampa Bay Mutiny
  7.Brian Maisoneuve-Columbus Crew
  8.Marcus Hahnemann-Colorado Rapids
  9.Damian Alvarez-Dallas Burn
  10.Jorge Salcedo-Columbus Crew
  11.Vitalis Takawira-K.C. Wizards
  12.Jason Kreis-Dallas Burn
  13.Mario Gori-D.C. United
  14.Ronald Cerritos-San Jose Clash
  15.Greg Vanney-L.A. Galaxy
  16.Martin Machon-L.A. Galaxy
  17.Wolde Harris-Colorado Rapids
  18.Shaun Bartlett-NY/NJ MetroStars
  As I said, this is basically my personal list.  Performance in the
game was probably most important.  Kreis dropped for poor preformance
and a drop in 10 points.  Takawira has been scoring goals, so he moved
up 3 places.  Machon dropped for the same reasons as Kreis.  Cerritos,
the best developing player for the Clash both in and out of MLSM, moves
up two spots.  Bartlett and Harris flipped because I play Joseph ahead
of Bartlett on the Metros.


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