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San Jose Clash Team Guide

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Team Rating

Offense: 51 Defense: 52 Goalkeeping: 44 Average Age: 27

Team Roster

G-Dave Salzwedel-250K-28 years old- 0 offense/350 defense G-David Kramer-250K-24-0/340 D-John Doyle-425K-30-50/140 D-Michael Emenalo-350K-31-30/140 *(denotes international) D-Troy Dayak-250K-30-20/140 D-Tim Martin-200K-29-20/120 D-Arnold Cruz-175K-26-10/130 * M-Dominick Kinnear-250K-29-80/80 M-Chris Sullivan-250K-31-90/60 M-Zico-250K-29-100/50 * M-Istvan Urbanyi-225K-29-60/90 * M-Shawn Medved-200K-29-90/50 M-Ramiro Corrales-200K-21-50/90 F-Eric Wynalda-550K-27-160/50 F-Lawrence Lozzano-275K-26-120/40 F-Ronald Cerritos-250K-22-120/30 * F-Jeff Baicher-200K-28-120/20 F-Eddie Lewis-175K-22-110/20

Team Summary

The Clash are a difficult team to work with in MLSM. They aren't bad, but they are not in the upper class of teams in the league. The Clash's stats are actually pretty good, but whereas other teams will grow, most of the player's on the Clash are approaching 30. The backline is very solid with Doyle and Emenalo. They problem is they are both 30+, and won't be with the team very long in the game. Wynalda is awesome in this game(the top American striker both in and out of the game.) He will improve a little more as well, so build with him for the youngsters. The problem is the midfield. Kinnear is the top guy, and he's only an 80-80. With the exception of Cerritos and perhaps Corrales, everyone would need to lose 5 years and gain 10 points to be a force in the game. The same holds true for the front line (minus Wynalda). I am shocked that Super Dave isn't ranked higher; he's played well as the starting keeper.

Getting Through the First Season

There is quite a bit of work to be done with the Clash. You don't have to get much better stat-wise to be a force in the league, but you have to get much younger. The average age for starters is about 28 and a half, which is much too old to form a dynasty. Just keep in mind with the Clash, you will need a couple years of losing and growth before you start winning. This happens all the time when I play with the Clash. As long as you have patience, though, you can form an outstanding team in no time. You probably won't have Waldo and Doyle, though, so don't get too attached to your players. Cut Tim Martin and Shawn Medved right away. Proceed to demote Eddie Lewis; yes he's young, but players don't improve on the bench. This should improve your rating one or two points on offense and defense. Pray for anyone from the U.S.I.S.L. Since version 1.54 has the actual players, though, don't expect to see as many great players as before. Trading is probably harder for the Clash than for any other team in the game. There is no one you can really get because all of your players are too old for the stats to have any worth. Try to trade Lozzano for a true forward. He's pretty good in real life(especially his movement off the ball), but 100 offense won't cut it in MLSM for a starting forward. Don't expect to get any young forwards (like Marino, Wood, or Wolde Harris); you'll have to get an older player. Guzman (he of a shorter MLS career than a TV star) is another player you'll want to trade. Like Lozzano, it is very difficult to get anything for him. Either try to get younger or get an American. Baicher is impossible to get anything for, so don't waste your time. I like to do the trick mentioned earlier; not play him in the last year of the contract, trade him before the deadline, and watch him become an unsigned free agent. Hopefully by then I won't need to resign him, but he's there just in case. The midfield is just a mess. Cerritos and Corrales are the only guys who will do anything. Play Corrales over Urbanyi; try to trade Urbanyi so you don't waste an international on a bench warmer. Don't be afraid to dump Sullivan and Kinnear for anything that looks promising; remember, you're in the rebuilding process. No players come to mind, but you never know what U.S.I.S.L. players might be out there. Cruz will also go from the back; once again, bench players shouldn't be your inter's. With the keeper situation, either guy can play. Kramer is younger, but also 10 points lower than Salzwedel. I would play whoever is in the last year of their contract. If both guys have a couple years left, go with Salzwedel. Kramer won't improve enough to catch up to a starting level. He is, though, one of the best backups(along with Thorton from NY/NJ), so do what you can to keep him on the team. If he leaves, don't worry; there are plenty of American keepers in the normal free agents pool. Once you are done, you should be at about the same skill, but hopefully the age dropped a year or two to 26-27. Play a 3-4-3 all defense in the first year. Wynalda will get his goals, but don't expect too much more offensive output. After the season (look for an early exit from the playoffs), get ready to make more transactions. The great thing about the Clash is that they will be around $1 million under the cap. Sign a great midfielder. Don't settle for anything but the best(look under my best buy list for the dynasty midfielders you should get). If no one wants to play, go for something up front. Ideally, Ronaldo will sign with you early(he's also less expensive for Western teams), but David Wagner is also a good pickup if you want to be more penurious. Make sure that in 3 years you get a young defender because your good backline will start to age. Once you start to rebuild and the new guys improve, switch to a long ball strategy. Once you have signed a new defender, midfielder and striker, play all-offense; this should take about 6-8 years. By this time, the Clash will be rocking the Casbah every season straight to the MLS Cup.


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