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Columbus Crew Team Guide

Team Rating
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Team Rating

Offense: 50 Defense: 53 Goalkeeping: 56 Average Age: 27

Team Roster

G-Brad Friedel-450K-25 years old-0 offense/470 defense G-David Winner-175K-26-0/260 D-Thomas Dooley-500K-35-70/150 D-Mike Lapper-275K-26-30/130 D-Sergio Miguez-250K-29-20/130 * (denotes international) D-Michael Clark-175K-24-10/120 D-Janusz Michallik-175K-30-20/110 M-Doctor Khumalo-425K-29-100/90 * M-Robert Warzycha-350K-33-100/80 * M-Brian Maisoneuve-275K-23-90/70 M-Jorge Salcedo-275K-24-60/100 M-Ancil Elcock-225K-28-40/100 M-Todd Yeagley-175K-24-50/70 F-Brian McBride-375K-24-150/30 F-Billy Thompson-225K-28-110/30 F-Pete Marino-200K-23-130/10 F-A.J. Wood-200K-23-120/20 F-Marcelo Carrera-200K-33-100/40

Team Summary

The Crew are one of the few teams in the league that are set for future success and not just the immediate victory. They have tons of young players that will either be stars or quality players for your team for years. First off, McBride. Two words come to mind..."the man". He's only 24, he's got skill now, and the salary isn't outrageous. Possibly the best player to start with when building a team. Then there's Friedel. Who cares if he's not starting for the U.S., he's still the second best goalie in America. In addition, he's 25, which means he'll be around at least another ten years. Maisoneuve and Salcedo will be other stars, and Lapper and Marino will grow to be solid, consistant players. With only 4 internationals on the team, the Crew don't have to worry about fitting in playing time. The problem is that the current inters (beside the Doctor) are pretty weak, and the midfield is lacking depth. Fixing these problems, though, shouldn't be too hard.

Getting Through the First Season

The Crew don't have much work to do as far as trading. Since they play, in the East, you might have trouble winning the division. Don't let that discourgae you, though; the team is built for long term success. First, cut Ancil Elcock, Janusz Michallik, and Marcelo Carrera. Ideally, you would get a better U.S.I.S.L. player than Todd Yeagley, but now with the real U.S.I.S.L. players, you shouldn't get too excited. He may be your best defender, but you should still trade away Tom Dooley. It's just like Valderrama: good player in real life, but too old for this game. Get a fellow US National Team defender, chances are you'll end up with John Doyle. If you feel that trading for Doyle is giving up too many points, just stick with Dooley. He'll be gone in a few years anyway. Just remember, when the players retire, they get a poor player to replace them, and filling the void of your top defender is a tough task. Good luck getting anything for Warzycha. If you can get anything for him, e-mail me. He is the classic example of an MLS international: too old and not enough skill(although he, along with the Doctor, got 10 more points). After these moves, you should improve a point or two overall. It's unfortunate that the Crew play in the East. You will make the playoffs, but making the Cup finals is extremely difficult in the first year. D.C. United and the MetroStars are very tough to beat in this game, and more often than not, one of them will be in the conference finals. After the season, pick up a striker. Marino and Wood are decent prospects, but you need more talent to dominate. Go for Ronaldo, Raul, Kluivert, any of the big guns. Since you only have 3 internationals (since you dropped Elcock), don't worry about maxing out on them. The next inter you get should be a midfielder, and then shore up the backline. If the timing is right, you should get a defender just as Doyle is winding down his career. Once this team grows, they will be tough to beat. Stay on the lookout for unsigned free agents that are in the early 30's, but can bolster the team. The Crew have enough youth to supplement an older player.

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