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This month's topic: Who is the best team in MLSM?

Everyone has their favorite MLSM team. Unfortunately, they may be awful in MLSM. So put your pride aside a say who the best team is in MLSM. Keep in mind you're looking for a team that will constantly win championships, not just put together 2 or 3 and then fade into oblivion. Again, thanks to Graeme Reid for this topic.

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#7 Larry Grant
Without a doubt the NY/NJ MetroStars are the best team in MLSM and 
are good even after Branco and Donadoni retire with Miles Joseph and Mike
Sorber Giovanni Savaresse and Shaun Bartlett around for ten years and 
Meola never retireing with a GAA over 1.5 when I have played. This team
is great for at least ten years.
#6 Ryan Ahrens
I think the best team at the start is NY/NJ, but they fade pretty fast,
DC is very good for a long time without much work to upkeep their
success.  KC starts good but needs a lot of work to stay that way in a
few years.  In a few games I've played Colorado has been suprisingly
dominant, but inconsistent.  And LA, of course is always pretty good.
However, in the long run I'd have to say that DC is the best in the
#5 Dylan Burger
It is no contest as long as they're healthy, when nobody has signed
anyone the metrostars dominate the game.  Every other team has a weak
position except maybe the galaxy who are not as strong at midfield.
#4 Hector Hipolito
I believe that The LOS ANGELES GALAXY is the best team in MLSM right
now. I just got thru a season without even losing once and I only got
scored on about 10 times.
#3 Graeme Reid
Dan is the man and Dan knows that the MetroStars are the number 1 team.
Before without Branco, Washington was a close second but after signing
Branco they smoke everyone. If you find a good youth... wow, no
competition. Almost as dominant as AC in the Italian league.

Ok maybe not.
#2 Dan Ryazansky
Well, the Mighty Metro of course! I am not unbiased, you know! :)
#1 Jonathon Long
I think Washington would probably be the best.  They start out with a
strong and young team.  They win many championships (once again,
depending on what players get picked up).  Columbus isn't great at the
start, but in the future they win multiple championships.  I would say
Washington and Columbus are the two best teams in the East.

In the West, LA Galaxy are almost always good.  Their only problem at
the start is an old defense that retires in four years.  But they do
have a fairly young midfield and offense.  They are the only team in the
West worthy of even debating about (ok, KC is good, but they're old and
will lose out).

Overall, I think Washington is the best team in MLSM, with Columbus a
close second, and LA 3rd.

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