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L.A. Galaxy Team Guide

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Team Rating

Offense: 51 Defense: 51 Goalkeeping: 55 Average Age: 26

Team Roster

G-Jorge Campos-525K-30 years old-10 offense/470 defense * (denotes inter.) G-Kevin Hartman-175K-22-0/250 D-Robin Fraser-300K-30-30/150 D-Paul Caligiulri-275K-33-30/140 D-Dan Calichman-275K-29-20/150 D-Danny Pena-225K-28-30/120 D-Ezra Hendrikson-175K-26-10/110 M-Cobi Jones-500K-26-120/60 M-Mauricio Cienfuegos-400K-29-100/80 * M-Martin Machon-250K-24-70/90 * M-Greg Vanney-250K-22-60/90 M-Chris Armas-200K-24-80/50 M-Steve Jolley-175K-21-60/70 F-Eduardo Hurtado-325K-28-160/20 * F-Harut Karepetyan-225K-25-130/20 F-Welton-200K-21-110/30 * F-Guilermo Jara-175K-24-110/10 F-Jose Vasquez-175K-27-100/20

Team Summary

The Galaxy have a pretty good team to start with. The highlight of this team is the young midfield. Vanney and Machon will carry your team once you progress in the game. They also have a good, young front line, and the best keeper in the MLS in Campos. The back line is good, but they are too old. Semioli is the only young one at 26, but he doesn't even start. You should pray for a good young defenseman from the U.S.I.S.L. If you don't do something with the defense, you'll be burned with an over the hill back line. Hurtado is good because he is only 28. This means he'll be around in eight years to help bolster your new attack. Karapetyan will also develop into a solid player, and the green card saves the team an international spot. The Galaxy have the potential to be good from the start, but it will take some work.

Getting Through the First Season

The Galaxy are right on the cap, so you'll need to cut/demote any players before making some transactions. First, demote Brad Wilson. Then, cut Danny Pena to make room for new players. Pena's stats are okay, but he is too old to get anyone worthwhile in a trade. Look in the U.S.I.S.L. for a good defenseman. Whether you keep Mark Semioli as a fifth back or not doesn't make a difference. Now on to the trading fest. Usually I don't like to trade, but using these tactics will free up some salary room as well as international space. First is get rid of Welton. He is the most pathetic excuse for a Brazilian soccer player ever. Trade him for an American about his age and skill; Pete Marino of Columbus is usually available. After getting a new forward, demote Guilermo Jara. Usually there is a good U.S.I.S.L. forward, so you can demote Ante Razov as well. Now get rid of Caliguiri. He is basically an American Nicola Caricola from the earlier MLSM's. You can't get much in the trade, but a player like Tom Soehn or Jeff Zaun who is younger and less expensive should be helpful for the long run. The last trade is one you may not want to do, but helps most of the time. Trade Jorge Campos for a good, younger American goalie like Tony Meola or Marcus Hanneman. I don't believe in using internationals at keeper, so this frees up another spot for field players. International field players are much more valuable than keepers. After all this, you should be around double 53-56 range. Use a 3-4-3 passing or direct to utilize your midfield. Use passing against strong opponents and direct against week opponents. Since the west is not very competitive (or is it all the teams are about the same), you should be able to win the division easily, with some slight competition from Dallas. The harder part comes in the final. Most likely, you will not have home field advantage, so play a 4-3-3 on all defense whenever you are away. After the season, sign a defenseman! Cristian Panucci is the perfect player for the Galaxy, but Mark Fish, Frank DeBoer, Yuri Nikiforov and the likes are all good fits. This, with another signing or two, will put you around the 60 mark for offense and defense, and you will still be young. This puts you in prime position to make a championship run for years to come.

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