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By: Charles Wilson



You've probably noticed by now that all the rage has shifted to WSM. To keep up with demand, I am currently working on a WSM page. Check it out to see what's going on. Unfortunately, I will not be able to devote as much time to this site. I will occasionaly update this site, but more pressing matters are at hand. Thanks to everyone who has visited, and I hope you'll continue to come to my WSM site.


   Everyone who plays MLSM loves it, right?  Otherwise, you wouldn't be 
 at this web site.  I love MLSM so I decided to aid the cause of this
 games popularity by making a web site.  There may be some other stuff
 scattered around, but this page is mostly for the game that has 
 distracted me from so many hours of my life.  MLSM is now in version
 1.54 (as of 8/14/97) and has made many great strides since the 
 original game.  If you are new to MLSM, download the game, and read the
 help file that comes with the game.  This will prepare you for this web
 site; which is intended to help people learn the tricks of the trade in
 MLSM and also to have everyone comment on the game.  Obviously it's
 great, but what more would you like to see?  
   At this site you will find my personal best buy list, tips for teams, 
 salary cap and free agency manipulation, and other stuff.  Also included
 is a debate page, where all opinions are welcome, and a suggestion page,
 to help make MLSM a better game.  Already an advanced MLSM player?
 View the extra hints page for the extra edge.  Be sure to check the new
 stuff page, to see the latest addition to this ever changing guide to
   Here is a new letter I received from Derek Chaiken about WOSOMAN:
   Hey all,
 Today is september 11th, meaning that yesterday was the 10th of
 course.  Spetember 10th was WOSOMAN Day... A WOSOMAN Demo is availble
 on Dans page at  Please go
 get it! It is tons of fun! It is worth how ever much it costs!  You
 get 5 leagues!! All playing at the same time!  It rules! Many more
 features availble! ESL Owners get a discount!
 Remember to rush and get it and start playing,
 Send me your thoughts on it at JKC1MRVL@MOA.NET
 It rocks!
 Dont miss out!
 Derek Chaiken
   Just download the demo of WoSoMan and you will see the greatness.  I
 recently made a WSM page.  Check it out.  It will be
 updated constantly.    
   Download WoSoMan (demo is free) version 1.0 HERE!
   Download MLSM(it's free) version 1.54 HERE! 

Sections of this Page

My Best Buy List: Players that will lead your team to the Cup.
Tips and Teams: View guides for the teams and tips in general.
Extra Hints: Expanding on the tips above to give the MLSM player an edge.
Debate: Comment on the current MLS/MLSM debate topic(changed about once a month).
Suggestions: Add your thoughts on how to make MLSM better.
New Stuff: See what has been added to this page recently.

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