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NY/NJ MetroStars Team Guide

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Team Rating

Offense: 55 Defense: 55 Goalkeeping: 57 Average Age: 26

Team Roster

G-Tony Meola-350K-28 years old- 0 offense/440 defense G-Zach Thornton-200K-23-0/340 D-Branco-450K-33-70/140 * (denotes international) D-Rhett Harty-225K-26-20/140 D-Brian Bliss-250K-31-30/130 D-Mark Semioli-200K-28-20/130 D-Matt Knowles-175K-26-10/130 M-Roberto Donadoni-575K-33-120/140 * M-Tab Ramos-550K-30-120/100 M-Mike Sorber-325K-25-80/110 M-Manuel Lagos-225K-25-90/60 M-Chris Da Silva-175K-26-30/90 M-Braeden Cloutier-175K-22-80/40 F-Antony De Avila-325K-30-150/40 * F-Giovanni Savarese-225K-25-150/10 * F-Shaun Bartlett-250K-24-140/20 * F-Miles Joseph-225K-22-110/40 F-Brian Kelly-175K-22-110/20

Team Summary

The MetroStars are blessed with the best midfield in the game. The four starters could start on any other midfield, and would most likely be number one or two on the team. Their front line is very strong, as Savarese, Joseph and Bartlett are all great young players. The goalkeeping is also in good shape; even if you don't like Meola, he's good in this game. The trouble lies in the back. Still, they are one of the best teams in the league, and can overpower almost everyone with ease. With NY/NJ, it's good to play a 3-4-3 on all offense. You won't win any goalkeeper of the year awards, but you're almost a lock for the scoring title. The great thing about the MetroStars offense is that it's so young! Joseph and Savarese are quality players, if not superstars, for years, and with the addition of Bartlett, they only strengthen their power. Sorber also plays at a high level for 10 plus years. Harty is the only real gem in the back; he adds the occasional offensive firepower. NY/NJ are one of the few teams that have the ability to be a constant champion from season one.

Getting Through the First Season

The first season is vital in laying the groundwork for a dynasty. You want to make your team competitve in the first season, while at the same time build for the future. It isn't too dificult to do this with NY/NJ. First, cut Jeff Zaun and Chris Da Silva, and demote Brian Kelly. These players only detract from the team and won't get any playing time to get better. Look in the U.S.I.S.L. for a player that is better than anyone on your team, and pick him up(if you're lucky, there could be two or three). Whatever position the new player plays, drop the new worst guy at that position; many times, it will be Kerry Zavagnin. If you're really fortunate, you'll find a quality defender. You should also be on the lookout for a better fifth midfielder than Zavagnin. Dario Brose from the normal free agent pool is a good addition to the team. Since Nicola Caricola retired, there's no one you really need to trade immediately. One player you can consider trading is Antony De Avila. Usually it doesn't make sense to trade one of your best players, but it is possible to get Raul Diaz Arce for De Avila. De Avila is 20 points better, but Diaz Arce is 3 years younger and 50K less expensive. It doesn't make a huge difference, but it's something to consider. Playing with your new team should make you somewhere in the 56-58 range for both offense and defense. When I play, I can usually waltz through the first season and win the championship. The only thing that may hold you back is if one team happens to sign 4 internationals in one year. Even then, you can still win; you just won't dominate the league. At the end of the season, make it a priority to sign an outstanding defender. Usually Ronaldo won't sign until a few years have passed, so go after a guy like Mark Fish, Christian Panucci or Frank DeBoer. This will shore up the back line and help make your team dominant. By the 2nd season, you should be over 60 points for both. After the defender, look for a young striker to replace De Avila. He isn't as crucial now that the MetroStars have two dynasty players up front (Miles Joseph and Shaun Bartlett). If you can time it right, you can trade De Avila before he is unwanted, for a young defender and then sign your superstar international striker.

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