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(listed in chronological order)

Major League Soccer Manager: Official Page,look here for new additions; by Dan Ryazansky
MLSM Mailing List and Fan Club: With MLSM Chat; by Derik Chaiken
MLSM Page: With a list of every free agent; by Octavio Pieranti
MLSM Player's Pitstop: With Mexican League add-on; by Marco Razo
MLSM Player's General Store: With only ESL guide; by Bill Barnwell
Strykar's MLSM Page: With extra Mutiny info; by Matt Gomolchak
MLSM Page: With guides for teams; by Jim Rice
Soplador Web Page: With a best buy list; by Jose Carillo
MLSM Manager's Club: With a MLSM newsroom and other cool stuff; by JL Murtaugh

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