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Win with the Mutiny

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Team Rating

Offense: 53 Defense: 50 Goalkeeping: 46 Average Age: 27

Team Roster

G-Mark Dougherty-300K-29 years old-0 offense/390 defense G-Scott Budnick-175K-25-0/290 D-Cle Kooiman-300K-33-40/140 D-Frank Yallop-250K-33-10/150 *(denotes international) D-Joao Batista-250K-30-40/120 * D-Mike Duhaney-200K-22-30/110 D-Adam Frye-175K-23-10/110 M-Carlos Valderrama-575K-35-130/120 * M-Frankie Hedjuk-275K-23-70/90 M-Steve Ralston-275K-22-90/70 M-Martin Vasquez-275K-33-60/100 M-Nelson Vargas-175K-22-80/40 M-Sam George-175K-26-60/60 F-Roy Lassiter-500K-28-160/30 F-Chiqinho Conde-325K-31-140/30 * F-Gilmar-250K-27-130/20 * F-Alan Prampin-175K-25-120/10 F-Marco Ferruzzi-175K-26-110/10

Team Summary

The Mutiny's strength lies in its attack. They have a great one two combo for the future with Hedjuk and Ralston; these are the guys the MLS wants to see, and these are the guys you need in MLSM. Roy Lassiter is also a star. He's not around as long as the other two, but he will make an impact for your team. The problem with the Mutiny is similar to the Clash: their starters a very old. In addition, the Mutiny's internationals are extremely old; every international is at least 30 years old. Doughetry is fairly strong in goal, and is supported by his strong, but old, defensive line. Youth is the primary need for the Mutiny. If nothing is done, they will fade into oblivion in about 6 years. Fortunately, the Mutiny's internationals have quality skill ratings, so trading for youth shouldn't be that challenging.

Getting Through the First Season

The Mutiny are looking to get young but at the same time get competitive. This can be a daunting task, but if you realiza how much you can afford to give up, you can accomplish both feats. The first step, as always, is to get rid of the deadwood. Demote Adam Frye and cut Derek Backman and Ivan McKinley. After this, your team should be at a 55 offense and 54 defense. This right here would probably win you the Cup. Remember, the other teams never cut their worst three players, so the ratings won't change. This is the time to see how much you can give way to youth. First up on the trading block should be Valderrama. Yes he is awesome in the actual MLS, but 35 is over the hill in this game. Since he is a 120-120, you can almost pick anyone in the game to trade for him. When trading, I like to go for the same position. Look for Tab Ramos or John Harkes as the guy to get on your team. This will save you 5 years on age. I prefer Ramos because he is more balanced than Harkes. The next player to trade is Giuseppe Galderisi. He is much more difficult to trade for; you may have to trade him for a young player you think will grow or an older guy like Frank Klopas. Most likely it will be the other team's third forward you get. Martin Vasquez is a player you can try to trade, but I've never been able to get anything worthwhile in return. Trade Joao Batista away for anyone that is his equal. Never leave an international space on the bench. After these trades, you might drop a point or two overall. In comparison to the rest of the league, though, you're a powerhouse. You should be able to win the MLS Cup in the first year. The best startegy is all- offense with a 3-4-3 formation. When playing the Metros and United, though switch to a passing, or if your top players are hurt, all-defense. If you come out on top of the East, the playoffs will be much easier. Once the season has ended, get a young defender! You need to get young in the back more than any other postion. Look for the usual suspects like Panucci, DeBoer, Tetradze, Nikiforov, Fish, Montero and Zanetti. Next go for a young forward. In the first three seasons, look for a good fourth midfielder from the unsigned free agents list. There are usually a plethora of offerings early on in the game. Help Ralston and Hedjuk grow into superstars. When those two are in the same midfield in eight years, there will be trouble for the opposition.

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