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What's Updated

(Starting 6/14/97)
9-15-97  Changed my e-mail address on most of the pages to
9-11-97  Stopped playing WoSoMan long enough to update this page; added
a response to the debate page; added info on WSM to the main page.
9-07-97  Added two responses to the debate page.
9-05-97  Added a response to the debate page.
9-04-97  Added tons of new background graphics, added a response to the
debate page.
9-03-97  Changed the debate topic, placed old topic in archive, changed
some old links.
9-02-97  Updated the following pages:  index, debate, suggestion, MLSM
8-17-97  Added a response to the debate page;
8-16-97  Updated the ratings and rosters for all of the Eastern teams;
8-15-97  Updated the ratings and rosters for all of the Western teams;
joined Ring Of Soccer(ROS) Web Ring.
8-14-97  Added a new letter pertaining to WOSOMAN on the main page
8-11-97  Added a guestbook and reformatted the main page; added a 
suggestion; fixed some link problems; added a response to the 
debate page.
8-10-97  Added links to the MLSM links page.
8-07-97  Added responses to the debate and suggestion page; added an
important letter to the main page.
8-04-97  Added responses to the debate page; adjusted dynasty players to
the current rosters and stats.
8-01-97  Changed the debate topic; placed last debate into the archive.
7-31-97  Updated remaing team guides; added a response to the debate page. 
7-30-97  Added to the suggestions page; updated D.C. United page.
7-28-97  Added more debate and suggestion responses.
7-27-97  Added 5 new responses to debate page; updated the suggestions
page; updated Clash and MetroStar pages. 
7-09-97  Added a response to the debate page; updated suggestions page.
7-08-97  Made MLSM downloadable from the front page; added a response to
the debate page;
7-07-97  Updated MLSM Dynasty players on best buy list; created other
links page; updated suggestions page; updated world class MLSM
players list; added response to debate page.  
7-04-97 to 7-06-97  Submitted this site to numerous search engines and
other programs of that genre.
7-03-97  Updated extra hints page to include unsigned free agents; updated
suggestions page; joined Link Exchange.
7-02-97  Updated debate page; corrected roster errors for the United,
Rapids, and Burn; updated player averages to include salaries.
7-01-97  Changed debate topic; added debate archive;
added player averages page.
6-30-97  Added Rapids tips to complete all the team guides; downloaded
new version of MLSM; updated every team's rating and roster; inserted
links in this page; updated Suggestions Page.
6-29-97  Added Burn tips; reformatted front page.
6-26-97  Added Wizards tips; reformatted the links on almost all the 
6-25-97  Added Extra Hints link to main page. 
6-24-97  Minor changes to MLSM links and main page; added graphic to 
Extra Hints page; added Revolution tips; corrected roster errors for
the Galaxy; updated the Extra Hints page.
6-23-97  Updated Extra Hints Page; reformatted Debate page.
6-22-97  Added MLS players to Best Buy List and ranked them in order
of preference; corrected roster errors for the Crew and Mutiny; added
ratings and rosters for all remaining teams.
6-21-97  Updated rosters; added Crew tips; updated Suggestion list
6-20-97  Added Mutiny tips; fixed Clash page; updated Extra Hints;
updated Suggestion list. 
6-18-97  Got FGO graphics to work; other random visuals added.
6-17-97  Updated Best Buy List; other visuals improved; added some more 
links to the sports section; joined Football Games Online (FGO) Web Ring.
6-16-97  Added music and sports links; improved random aesthetics to 
the page; added Clash tips
6-15-97  Reformated links setup; added all links to MLSM pages on the
6-14-97  Started this page; added letter to debate page; corrected link
from suggestion page to best buy list; added team USA page.


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