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Colorado Rapids Team Guide

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Team Rating

Offense: 51 Defense: 49 Goalkeeping: 47 Average Age: 26

Team Roster

G-Marcus Hahnemann-325K-24 years old-0 offense/400 defense G-Paul Grafer-175K-22-0/280 D-Marcelo Balboa-550K-29-60/150 D-Steve Trittschuh-225K-31-50/100 D-Matt Kmosko-200K-25-20/120 D-Brian Bates-175K-24-10/120 D-Tahj Jakins-175K-21-10/110 M-Chris Henderson-325K-26-90/80 M-Paul Bravo-300K-28-100/60 M-Peter Vermes-225K-31-80/70 M-Tote Castaneda-250K-27-70/80 *(denotes international) M-Ross Paule-175K-21-70/60 M-Rafael Amaya-175K-29-50/70 F-Adrian Paz-300K-28-130/40 * F-David Patino-325K-29-120/50 * F-Steve Rammel-225K-25-140/10 F-Wolde Harris-225K-23-130/20 * F-Sean Henderson-175K-24-90/30

Team Summary

When I stated earlier that I never played with some of the teams, I had the Rapids first and foremost in mind. They actually aren't that bad, and have made giant improvements from last year(in and out of the game). They have a solid core of young players in Hahnemann, Bartlett and Harris; all three are dynasty players. Suprisingly, Balboa and Henderson are both in their 20's; it seems like they've been around forever. The Rapids are really hurting in age in midfield and overall in the back. There is no depth anywhere; if Balboa gets hurt expect a goal storm. In addition, the situation is like the Burn where there isn't much to trade away. The Rapids will not win immediately, but there is hope.

Getting Through the First Season

The Rapids start out with a very high offense, but consequently, a very low defense. You should never be below 50 in an offensive or defensive rating. Fix this by cutting Brian Bates and demoting Sean Henderson and Ross Paule. Then trade Steve Trittschuh for a defender with the same total points, but more defensive-minded. You will then be in the mid 50's offense and about 50 defense. The backline needs some work. Trade Peter Vermes away with Trittschuh. Get some young players in return. The Rapids need to retool the back right away and won't win until they do, so it's best to suffer a little for the greater good. Jorge Castaneda is a waste of an international, so get an identical American to replace him. David Patino is one of the few players you can trade for and actually emerge in a good position. Jorge Salcedo from Columbus is good to pick up, he will help the back. The midfield and front line are in pretty good shape. If you want to trade Roy Wegerle, do it right away, because he will be too old next season. Play Shaun Bartlett and Wolde Harris and let them grow into great players. Play a long ball 3-4-3 and let these guys get the chances to score goals. This is a very unpredictable team. I have actually finished first in the division, but another time(with a better team rating) I ended up fourth and left the playoffs in the first round. If no one gets hurt for an extended period of time, and the other teams don't sign tons of internationals, then you should be okay. In the offseason, help out the fullbacks. Work your way up to the midfield in the next couple of seasons. Unless you get Ronaldo or someone of his caliber, don't sign a forward. You already have two great prospects; there's no need to overload when the defense is in dire need of help.

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The Rapids attendance is at an all-time high of fans this year.

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