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New England Revolution Team Guide

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Team Rating

Offense: 52 Defense: 48 Goalkeeping: 60 Average Age: 27

Team Roster

G-Walter Zenga-425K-36 years old-0 offense/480 defense * (denotes int.) G-Jeff Causey-200K-25-0/300 D-Alexi Lalas-550K-26-60/140 D-Francis Okaroh-225K-33-10/140 D-Leonardo Squadrone-250K-25-40/110 * D-Ted Chronpoulos-225K-24-30/120 D-Erik Imler-175K-26-10/110 M-Mike Burns-300K-26-50/110 M-Alberto Naveda-275K-25-110/50 * M-Alejandro Farias-250K-27-70/80 * M-Darren Sawatzky-225K-24-100/40 M-Imad Baba-200K-23-90/50 M-Ivan McKinley-175K-27-90/40 F-Joe-Max Moore-525K-26-140/40 F-Giuseppe Galderisi-325K-34-130/50 * F-John Kerr-225K-32-120/30 F-Evans Wise-200K-24-100/30 F-Paul Keegan-175K-24-100/20

Team Summary

Here is the simplified version of the Revolution team summary:They suck, never use them! If you insist on playing with them, I'll at least tell you what you have to work with. You have a trio of solid, fairly young Americans in Lalas, Burns, and Moore. The starting front line is pretty good, but they're old. Naveda and Burns are good, but the remainder of your midfield is atrocious. Not suprisingly, there's trouble brewing in the back, as everyone is worthless besides Lalas. Even the international superstar Zenga has a tragic flaw; he's 36, making him one of the oldest players in the game. Coufal is not good enough at 270 to start in a year or two(his points would actually be lower from sitting on the bench the entire time.) There are tough times ahead in New England if you play with the Revolution. I guess a cool name and good uniforms can't buy you a decent team. How they are doing so well in the MLS is a mystery to me.

Getting Through the First Season

Look realistically at this team. You have about a one in a million shot at winnning the Cup your first season. It's time to rebuild. I would advise getting the worst record in the league on purpose so you'll get the first pick in the draft. It will take longer to win with the Revolution than any other team in the league. If you use these tips, though, you'll at least be on the right path. First, find a new keeper. Trade away Zenga for what you can get. Usuall Mark Dodd will be available for a trade. Proceed to get a stronger back up goalie, but if you can't get anyone, don't worry. If you want, look to the normal free agents, David Kramer or Jim St. Andre are good pick-ups. Now to the back line. Eventually you will ditch everyone but Lalas; keep this in mind as your goal. Cut Erik Imler, and try to find a better fullback than Ted Chronpolus. How this guy made the USA team is another mystery. He actually has the points now that qualify him for a dynasty player, but he never does anything in the games for me, so he's not going on the list. Francis Okaroh is a waste, but at least he has a green card. You can keep Squadrone. I only say this because he is young and you can't afford to give up any points in a trade. Moving up to the midfield, build around Burns and Naveda. It would be nice if Naveda were more balanced, but he still has good stats. Cut Sam George, and then look in the USISL for a better midfielder than Imad Baba. In all honesty, it shouldn't be too hard. After you pull the new guy up, demote Baba. The quicker you can get rid of Alejandro Friedas the better. Sawatzky isn't a bad fourth back, but try to make him the fifth man (and a haircut while your at it). Cut Paul Keegan from the front line. Promote a USISL guy in place of Evans Wise and cut him (you can't demote foreigners). Chiquo Conde will get you no one in a trade. If you try to trade, the best you'll get is someone like Jacek Ziober(forward from the Mutiny). You can try to package him with Zenga in a two for two trade, but from my perspective, two old internationals do not look very appealing. When playing with the Revolution, do whatever lineup you please. You are the worst team by quite a few points; the formation won't make much of a difference. If you, for some reason, need to win a game, play a 4-3-3 all defense. The only way I win with them in the early seasons is with a stalwart defense. Most likely you'll finish last, so look for a striker in the draft. Sign a world class international defender; look to the best buy list for the names. You'll be about a million dollars under the cap, so don't worry. Don't sign any unsigned free agents unless you see a dynasty player available(again, consult the best buy list for the names.) Don't try to win for about five years. It's better to get a bunch of good draft picks and build up youth than to get stuck in a mediocre rut for ten plus years before breaking thru.

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