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MLSM Suggestions

Here are my suggestions to make MLSM a greater game. Some of these suggestions could be added in future versions of MLSM, or a different version, like ESL. Feel free to e-mail me to add your own ideas. I updated this list after getting some response from Dan as well as my own personal inclinations.

Suggestions (Click on each for a more detailed description):

|Do away with the salary cap| |More flexability with the National Team| |Add in a youth program| |More control over the GM aspect of the game| |Create a player feature| |More player skills|
|Deeper draft as years progress| |More South American influence| |Make the league dynamic|
|Add the US Open Cup| |Compete with other teams for unsigned free agents|
|Include potential league expansion| |Other teams trade| |Include transfer listing|
|Future additions to MLSM| |Add scouting reports| |More recorded stats| |Sort button on US Cup|
|Build a team from scratch| |Multi manager|

#1  Do away with the salary cap.  This is the single most important factor
that destroys my early teams.  I can't compete when a team signs 2-4
internationals in the first year.  If there still is a salary cap, at
least make the other teams have one.

#2  More flexability with the national team.  Whenever I win the league,
I don't even care to play with the U.S. team.  There's no purpose to
winning a US Cup.  What would be cool is a National Team Manager game,
where you can take a team through 18 months of qualifying and the World
Cup.  I expect that a game like this, though, would cost money, similar
to ESL mode.  I have yet to play ESL mode, so I'm not sure how much 
different it is from MLSM.  I have heard good things, though, and I'm
sure a World Cup Manager would go over well with the crowd that is reading
this page. 

#3  Add in a youth program.  All teams have their own minor league 
(U.S.I.S.L.) teams and also the newly proposed Project 40; these could
provide new sources for finding the next Claudio Reyna or Eddie Pope.
It would be cool to add in the specific A-league and D3 teams for each
team(like the SF Seals are in the Clash organization).  This way, each
team draws from different pools.  The other teams could call up prospects
similar to the way they sign normal free agents.

#4  More Control over the GM aspect of the game.  It would be cool to 
restructure contracts, have multiple player trades, have control over
the stadium or stuff along those lines.  If this were to be added though,
I suggest that it be an optional part of the game.  I'm sure too much
detail in a game isn't for everybody.

#5  Create a player feature.  This is an idea I "borrowed" from the 
popular FIFA series from EA Sports.  I love to vicariously live out my
sports thrills by creating myself as a super striker, placing myself on
Man U or AC Milan, and scoring 70 goals in a season.

#6  More player skills.  This suggestion actually is related to the GM
suggestion.  Right now, the game works great with just offense and defense
skill points.  If the game were to become more detailed, though, it might
be appropriate to add a more detailed analysis of the players.

#7  Deeper draft as years progress.  By this, I mean have
more talented players available in the college draft.  If we look
optimisticly at the future of American soccer, there will be more kids
growing up with soccer and thus more exceptional college players.  I
think that when the years pass by, we should presume that the American
players will raise their level of play.  In the draft in 50 years or
something, the leftovers should be 70-70 instead of 50-60.  More players
of the caliber of Reyna, Kirovski, and Pope should be available.  This 
will also make the league more competitive in the latter years when you
don't know anyone by name.  

#8  More South American influence.  Thanks to Nicolas Avendo for this
 What about the new international leagues that DAN promised us. I voted
for the Argentina & Brazil league but nothing has come out. A new
league would be a lot more interesting since we already now everything
about the European and MLS leagues.

#9 Make the league dynamic.  This might be impossible to program, but
it would be cool to make the league dynamic as well as the players.  
Changes that we forsee for the MLS, such as adding a promotion/relgation
system and the elimination of the shootout, could actual occur at a 
random point in the game. 

#10 Add the US Open Cup.  I saw a USISL D3 game this 4th(SF Seals) and
thought it would be cool to be able to play for the US Open Cup in MLSM.
Just the team names would need to be added; it would be quite difficult
to get the names of all of the A-League and D3 players.  This wouldn't
be an unprecedented move, as many soccer manager games have added the
countries domestic league cup in play(like Italian/English Soccer
Manager, Footy Fanatic).  This would be more appropriate than the US Cup,
as it is the club team that plays for the US Open Cup.

#11 Compete with other team for unsigned free agents.  With the unsigned
free agents, it is unknown why a player won't play for your team some
times.  Every player has a price; there should be more bidding wars for
certain players.  Also, you should be able to resign your own players
who left your team for a certain amount of salary increase.  I hate 
having to play a reserve for an entire season just so he will resign
with the team.  

#12 Include potential league expansion.  Thanks to Andee Olsen for this
Let the league expand every four years or so. Let there be a voting
system where all the teams "owners" "vote" for which city should get a
new team (as in other American sports). After expanding the league, hold
an expansion draft, and let there be more players in the game. This
would be a VERY cool addition to the game....

#13 Other teams trade.  Thanks to Reggie Gutierrez for this suggestion:
I think it'd be cool if other teams could initiate trades.  Just a 

#14 Include transfer listing.  Thanks to Edward Landsberg for this
I think we should decide if the player can go away instead of having
to let him go away.We should be able to put him in the transfer list
and if he was bought while he still under contract, we should get half
of the money.We should also to be able to discuss the contract with the
player, for ex:If he was bought before the contract is over, we could
get 30% or more.

#15 Future additions to MLSM.  Thanks to Neil Witherell for these
ideas.  The next five suggestions are his:
  Having found this game midway through my freshman year of college, and
seeing the results it had on my grades, I feel that I should voice my
1. Something like a world club cup or something, where the champion MLS
team could play against randomly chosen clubs from around the world.
Having played Italian Soccer Manager (probably tied for second best
manager game along with Footy Fanatic), that game does the same thing
by having the whole sha-bang of club cups, the UEFA Cup, Cup Winners
Cup, Champions League, Super Cup, World Super Cup, plus having their
own Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup, the only thing it doesn't have
is the Intertoto Cup, but I mean, hey, I can live without it.

2. American internationals in the second and third round.  I mean even
when the MLS becomes an established league in the world, American
players will go to other countries (example Ronaldo doesn't play in
Brazil does he?).

3. Future American stars.  It seems like after Jovan Kirovski, Brian
McBride, and the rest of the current American stars retire no other
Americans seem to posses their great ability.  Every now and then
you'll find a defender or forward with a 150-170 rating but that
happens once in a blue moon, and you'll never find a midfielder with
the same ratings as John Harkes, Tab Ramos, and Claudio Reyna, and 
after Freidel and Keller American goalies will suck.

4. USA flags.  Now this might be a little cosmetic, but one of the
things I'd really like to see is an American flag for the future
players or the good, present, non-picture players.  All this would
involve is, say, if an American player is selected to the US National
team, or added on there, he is represented by a flag (even in place of
his college logo) just like the internationals from other countries.  
Many times I have had a great US player lead my team to victory, but
have had to see someone else take his place on the teams 3 most 
valuable players/champions screen when you win.

5. Having just recieved ESL mode let me just say that at $7-$9 bucks
we are ripping off Dan because this a great game.  One thing I would 
love to see though, is him just to stick to one league at a time and 
making it like the ultimate soccer manager game.  Like take Italian 
Soccer Manager, it deals solely with the Italian league, and has 
everything that the Italian league can offer, it has the leagues from 
Serie A all the way down, it has the European Club Cups (as stated above),
youth teams that produce quality talent (depending how much money you put
into it).  Probably the most exciting thing about Italian Soccer Manager 
is that you can create your own team and get to start from scratch and 
try to build your team to glory, you event get to create your teams 
uniform and sponsor.  As it pains me to say it, it does have MLSM beat
in the completeness of the game, but I think that Dan could easily blow 
them all away, by including these features in games like Footy Fanatic,
Italian Soccer Manager.  Now don't get me wrong, I think he does have
the best game out there, and as far as cosmetics, fun, and toughness he
already does have them beat.  If you've played Italian Soccer Manager
I'd think you'd understand (If you can put up with those horrible
Thats all my babble (not to be confused with Markus Babbel)

Neil Witherell (Go Crew and Manchester United)

#16 Add scouting reports.  Thanks to Bobby Urpsis for this
I have a suggestion that at the end of every season they make a newspaper
article or just a scouting sheet on a young guy that is excellent through
college or even High School. Then make it where u could have talks with
him about what he would want to sign. So it makes it where you can sign 
him out of High School but let him play in College.

#17 More recorded stats.  The thing I love the most next to winning the
league is looking over the dominant statistics my team members put out.
I looked at ESPN Sportszone and there are tons of different stats they
have.  I would like to see some more incorporated in the game.  Have a
hard man of the year by seeing who accumulates the most yellow and red
card points.  Other ideas are points per game average, scoring streaks,
and home and away records.

#18 Sort button on US Cup.  This is only a minor suggestion, but it would
be easier to sort through players for the national team(especially later
in the game) with the standard sort button on the other player pool 

#19 Build a team from scratch.  Thanks to Aaron Horton for this 
 To expand on expansion in the MLS suggested by Andee Olson.  I think
this is a great idea.  Some MLSM players (like myself) may want to build
a team from scratch.  Choosing the location and name of your team and
holding an expansion draft before the season starts would be wicked!
Each team in the MLS gets to protect a certain amount of players from
their rosters and the rest are up for grabs to build your team.  From
then on build from the draft and signing free agents & internationals.
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#20 Multi manager.  Thanks to Brian Leach for this suggestion:
My suggestion for the game is to add a multi manager feature.  I have
the game at work and have gotten others interested in the game (and
soccer). We want to compete against each other. Currently there is only
one manager at a time. What better way to play then to share your 
skills against humans and not computers.


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