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A Primer to MLSM

  Here is where I will try to help you out to be successful in MLSM.
If you would like a detailed description of each team, scroll the 
page down to the links.  All the teams should be coming up soon (there
are some teams I never play with and have to try to win with them).
The best teams to start out with are the NY/NJ MetroStars, the D.C.
United, and the L.A. Galaxy.  A good tactic that I use is to cut the
three worst players on the team.  This will significantly raise your
point totals.  I like to play a 3-4-3 all offense.  I've experimented
with other formations and tactics, but overall, this one has stood the
test of time.  On your team, have 2 GK's, 4 Backs, 5 Midfielders, and
4 guys up front.  This gives you enough depth, while at the same time
keeping your team strength high.  If a player ever gets hurt for half
the season or the playoffs, you can either play a player out of
position, or sign or promote a new player.  Try to keep a little cap
room in case you need a USISL guy.
  The key to MLSM is youth.  Since the game is dynamic, players grow
in skill as they age, and then decline in the twilight of their 
career.  Keep your team as young as possible!  I can't stress this enough.
If you need to choose between two players to sign, figure the average
player improves about 5 points per year, and great players improve about
8-10 points a year.  Figure this in to see if the younger player will
improve past the ability of the older one.  Keeping yourself young isn't
overly important in the first 20 years or so, but when the only inter-
nationals are coming out of the draft, you'll need young players to carry 
your team in a transition phase.  On average, there are 2-3 inter-
nationals per college draft, so if you're winning the Cup, you can't 
draft anyone that's a starter.
  If you keep these tips in mind, you should be fairly successful.  If
all else fails, and your team is stuck in the middle of the pack for
some years, just lose the league intentionally and get the first pick.
When your team sucks, drop everyone over 30 and rebuild.  This happened
to one of my teams in the 53rd season, and it greatly improves the 
team in the long run to have a fresh start.  
  If your hunger for MLSM knowledge still isn't satiated after this and
the team pages, go to the specific MLSM tips.  These are ment for the
more experienced player to get that extra edge.      

MLS Teams plus extra hints page

 All the teams are done.  Proceed to victory!
Extra Hints: Including free agents, draft tips, USISL, and other stuff.
Player Averages: The average MLSM player listed by position.

Eastern Conference

|D.C. United ||NY/NJ MetroStars ||Tampa Bay Mutiny ||Columbus Crew|
|New England Revolution|

Western Conference

|L.A. Galaxy ||San Jose Clash ||Kansas City Wizards ||Dallas Burn ||Colorado Rapids|


Team USA

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