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Team USA

  Here are some basic tips to help you attempt to win the US Cup.  I find
that the best way to win the Cup is to play terrible opponents.  
Unfortunately, this is not in your control.  Basically what you want to
do is get the best available players at each position.  This will make
your offense, defense, and goalie rankings as high as possible.  The
difficulty lies in the fact that there are 11 guys automatically named
to the team from the MLS All-league team.  It doesn't matter how bad these
guys are, they make the team.  In addition to this, you can't drop them,
either.  You essentialy pick the best remaining 7 American players.  I
like to have one more keeper, one defender, three midfielders, and two
strikers.  I take three midfielders because usually this is the position
where an average player slips on to the team.  If all of your midfielders
are solid, pick up a second defender in place of the third halfback.
  These are the players you should always try to get on your team
  (with ratings):
G- Kasey Keller-0/490, Brad Friedel 0/470
D- Tom Dooley-70/150, Marcelo Balboa-60/150, Alexi Lalas-60/140,
   Jeff Agoos-40/150, John Doyle-50/140
M- John Harkes-120/90, Tab Ramos-110/100, Claudio Reyna-110/90,
   Ernie Stewart-140/60, Preki-140/60, for offense Cobi Jones-120/60,
   for defense Mike Sorber-70/110, for balance Michael Mason-90/90
F- Eric Wynalda-150/50, Jovan Kirovski-170/20, Roy Lassiter-160/30,
   Brian McBride-150/30, and either David Wagner-130/50, or Joe
  Most of the time the other team is better than you, so play a 3-4-3
all defense.  This should give you a chance for victory.
And that's about all there is to the US Cup. 


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