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Kansas City Wizards Team Guide

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Team Rating

Offense: 55 Defense: 48 Goalkeeping: 39 Average Age: 28

Team Roster

G-Mike Ammann-225K-26 years old-0 offense/330 defense G-Chris Snitko-200K-24-0/320 D-Richard Gough-500K-35-50/170 * (denotes international) D-Steve Pittman-275K-29-40/130 D-Uche Okafor-250K-29-40/120 * D-Sean Bowers-200K-28-30/110 D-Scott Uderitz-175K-26-30/100 M-Preki-475K-33-150/50 M-Mark Chung-300K-26-100/60 M-Matt McKeon-250K-23-80/70 M-Damien Silvera-225K-22-70/70 M-Jose Debrito-175K-28-40/80 M-Ryan Tinsley-175K-25-60/60 F-Mo Johnston-425K-34-140/50 * F-Vitalis Takawira-350K-24-150/20 * F-Frank Klopas-275K-30-120/40 F-Paul Wright-175K-27-120/10 F-Edmundo Rodriguez-175K-26-90/10

Team Summary

Obviously, the Wizards are the most offensive oriented team in the game. This actually isn't that bad though; now you know you have to work only with the defense. The offensive seven for the Wizards are awesome, especially the midfield. Preki dominates even more than he did for the San Jose Grizzles(indoor), and Chung and McKeon are both young. The internationals for the Wizards all put up good stats. Gough and Johnston are old but good, and Takawira is one of the best forwards to start with in the game. The problem is defense. The goalies are sorry, and beside Gough, there isn't much in the backline. The Wizards also need to add some depth, as there is a big gap between the starters and the bench. The Wizards also need youth pretty bad, as most of their best players are over 30.

Getting Through the First Season

The first step is to cut Scott Uderitz, Jose Debrito and Edmundo Rodriguez. The team now should be in the upper 50's in offense and above 50 for defense. What really needs work is the goalkeeper situation. You don't need great goalies to win, but a 39 is just too weak. Sign Jurgen Sommer or Kasey Kellar when you get enough for the transfer fees and release Mike Ammann. This will help tremendously. Look to trade Uche Okafor as soon as possible, but there isn't much out there. Same goes for Richard Gough and Mo Johnston: if they were a couple years younger, they'd be great to trade. Try to package them together and pick up Alexi Lalas or Marcelo Balboa. This will help the defense. There isn't much work to be done in the attack. I like to keep Preki on my team; at 33, Preki's age makes you give up too many points in a trade. Try to trade Frank Klopas for a younger player with some defense, although at 30, the age factor once again destroys much hope. Don't trade for future players with the Wizards. This is a team where you can't afford to sacrifice many points, since the defense is teetering above 50 by a slim margin. You'll want to play 3-4-3 all offense at home and switch to a direct on the road. Against the strong East teams on the road, play a passing startegy, which is more defensive than direct. You should be able to over take the Galaxy for first place in the West. It is critical that you sign a keeper during the season, or else you will lose in the playoffs. In the off season, get a defender! Go for the good, young internationals who also have offense(Cristian Panucci is my best bet.) Try to add some depth by signing normal free agents like Zak Isben and the likes. You'll always be an offensive oriented team, which is good in this game. Just make sure not to totally abandon the defense. As long as this is done, success will be yours.

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