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By:Charles Wilson

WoSoMan (or WSM, as I refer to it) is the sequel to the great MLS management game, MLSM. Both of these games were created by Dan Ryazansky. WSM is all the hype you have read about, and then some. I downloaded the demo and encourage all of you to do the same. It is ten times the game that MLSM was. WSM has everything people have been asking for; look at my MLSM suggestion page and almost all the features are delivered in WSM.

This page just started and I'll actually need to play the full version some before I write out a guide to WSM. In the meantime, get the demo and play it nonstop. You'll be addicted immediately.

Here are the specs on WSM:
  • 5 World Class Leagues with first and second divisions; 196 teams
  • 90 National teams from North & South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania
  • World Cup, Euro Cup, Copa America and Domestic Cups included
  • Full promotion, relegation, and MLS expansion!
  • Transfer list players and more control in contract negotiations
  • Create a player who gets skill based on age and nationality
  • Tougher gameplay but easier interface
  • Subs during a game, complete freedom with formations, different levels of strategy, and nine set formations, not including a sweeper
  • More awards, more pictures, flags for American inters, and more!

    Get the WSM demo HERE!
    (*You may have to go to the WSM homepage to download other items*)

    Contents of this Site

    Team Guides: Help lead your team to world glory
    More to come!


    A Guide To MLSM: My MLSM Page
    World Soccer Manager: Official page by Dan Ryazansky

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    This page last updated: 10/01/97